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Our payouts 2 oz +


Note: some websites publish quotes based on 1 DWT (pennyweight), which is equivalent to 1.55 grams, in order to make their payouts appear higher. Other websites publish quotes based on out of the norm quantities, something WeBuyGoldCanada finds unethical. (Payouts are based per gram)




9 KT 9.25$   18 KT 18.00$
10 KT 10.00$   21 KT 23.00$
12 KT 12.50$   22 KT 24.00$
14 KT 14.00$   24 KT 26.00$
16 KT 16.10$      




Purity 1-500 gr. 500-1500 gr. 1500 + gr.
Silver 800 0,12 0,14 0,16
Silver 925 0,18 0,20 0,22
Pure Silver 0,21 0,23 0,25




Purity 1 - 20 gr. 20 gr. et +
90% 16,00 18,00
100% 19,00 22,00




Purity 1 - 20 gr. 20 gr. et +
100% 3,50 4,00



Price of metals may fluctuate on a daily basis. For further information, contact one of our agents for a personalized evaluation.


Highest Payouts

WeBuyGoldCanada is committed to pay you the highest amount for your precious metals while ensuring a simple and effective transaction. If you are not satisfied, for whatever the reason, just return the check and make sure it arrives at our offices in less than fifteen (15) days of the date which appears on your check. Sell your gold with confidence.

Simple and Secure. Selling Gold Has Never Been Easier

Simple: Selling your gold with WeBuyGoldCanada is very simple. Simply fill out the form on your right. Your envelope should arrive within 24 hours. Put all your unwanted jewelry inside your envelope and send it to us.


Secure: Send your items back in the prepaid envelope via Canada Post. Your package can be tracked online at any time and is insured with Canada Post. Put your mind at ease with WeBuyGoldCanada

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Customer Reviews

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