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Simply Apply on our website for your FREE Diamond KIT  by filling out the form on the right hand side so you can ship  your Diamond Jewelry at our cost. Within 24 hours of receiving your Diamond Kit, we’ll mail you a check. You’ll be fully satisfied or we’ll return your material at no cost to you.

You may think that taking your diamond jewelry to a pawnbroker is a quick and easy way to get some extra cash. While a pawnbrokermay know something about the value of diamonds, they are in the re-sale business and therefore cannot offer you nearly as much money for your diamonds as we can. In fact, a pawnbroker is more than likely to turn around and sell your material to a company like ours. So why not cut out the middleman?

WeBuyGoldCanada.com can offer our customers unsurpassed settlements for all their diamonds. We pay you an amount of money for your diamonds & gold, silver or platinum settings that’s in line with what they are actually worth. Why pawn your diamonds for a small percentage of their actual value when you can sell them outright for their full value?

Appraising diamonds is much more complex than it is for all precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. For precious metals, the appraiser would only need to determine the purity of the metal content, the market price of that metal in order to give the item its value. For diamonds, the appraiser would need to determine ‘’the 4 C’s’’

CARAT: We weight the stone do determine its size.  1 Carat, which is the equivalent of 100 points, weighs 0.2 gram. The price of diamonds varies exponentially with its size. For diamonds that are less than 1 carat, we express it in terms of ‘’points’’ Therefore a diamond of 1 Carat is worth much more than 100 diamonds of 1 point each, of the same color and clarity.

CLARITY: We determine clarity based on the amount and types of imperfection in or on the stone. Imperfections or inclusions could be cracks, black dots and bubbles. The more imperfections, the less pure is the diamond.

CUT:  A diamond is cut in a way to have a great affect on the light so it can appear more brilliant. This reflection is due to the amount of facet the diamond has on the top. The better the brilliance on a diamond, the more value it has.

COLOR: White diamonds have better value since they give a better reflection due to the light and they shine more. The grading for diamonds in the color are expressed in letters. Ex. ‘’D’’ (Colorless ) up to ‘’Z’’ ( Light yellow).

Colorless diamonds are very hard to find.

Our GIA appraisers uses all those 4 factors do determine an accurate value for each diamond.

WeBuyGoldCanada.com ensures that all of our customers will get their diamond assessed properly and our payouts will follow accordingly.

Please note that we assess diamonds and precious metal separately in a single piece.

Turning your diamond into cash is easy with our 3 step process for all Canadians,
Fill out the form on the right hand side to receive your free Diamond  Kit so you can easily send us your diamond jewelry at our cost. We assess diamonds and send a check the SAME DAY. You can also send us a voided check so we can make a direct deposit to your bank account that same day at NO COST.

WeBuyGoldCanada.com is one of the largest buyer of Gold and Diamonds nationwide when dealing with the public. We purchase stones from ALL SIZES.

You might have some loose diamonds that fell, you can easily sell your diamonds for extra cash you need. Larger stones may pleasantly surprise you due to the value of the check you will receive.

Large diamonds, starting from the size of 1 carat, can be worth more than 10 000$ if it is slightly less than perfect.

Here are the shapes of Diamonds we purchase :

Round Brilliant
Round Brilliant

We accept diamonds that are:

- Diamond engagement rings
- Diamond earrings
- Loose diamonds
- Diamond necklaces
- Diamond bracelets
- Diamond rings
- And more...

Please note that we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed to our customers. If for any reason you feel that WeBuyGoldCanada.com has not evaluated your items properly, simply let us know, by phone 1-877-866-6771 or by email info@WeBuyGoldCanada.com within 15 days issuing our check and we will promptly return your items at OUR Cost.

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